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Townhouses and Flats

Our units will range from one-bedroom flats to three- or four-bedroom townhouses. Homeowners who purchase their units early enough in the building phase will be able to select some custom features, such as flooring and countertop materials, paint colors, optional gas fireplaces, and additional skylights. All units will be ADA accessible.

Townhouses are two stories, with front doors opening into the courtyard. The upstairs of each townhouse will have vaulted ceilings with skylights. Townhouses will be on the north and west sides of the building.

Flats are one story, on both the second and third level. Flats will be on the south and east sides of the building, along with the Common House. Third-floor flats will have skylit vaulted ceilings. Access to third-level flats will be provided via an elevator and staircase to an outside walkway.

Both flats and townhouses will have private balconies in the back.

Although we encourage community, we have taken great care to design individual units to be soundproof. Walls between units will have a sound coefficient of .65. The greater the coefficient, the better the soundproofing. At a coefficient of .45, loud music can be heard faintly or not at all. At .65, our units will be virtually soundproof.

With ample shared space available for everybody's use, cohousing units are generally smaller than single-family homes in the same area. Most people find they do just fine in a more compact space, and in fact spend much less time on upkeep. For more information about living in smaller, more sustainable spaces, see the Small House Society.

1 Bedroom Flat 1 Bedroom Flat (pdf) Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader, required to view the floorplans in pdf format.
2 Bedroom Flat 2 Bedroom Flat (pdf)
3 Bedroom Flat - Small 3 Bedroom Flat - Small (pdf)
3 Bedroom Flat - Large 3 Bedroom Flat - Large (pdf)
3 Bedroom Townhouse 3 Bedroom Townhouse (pdf)
4 Bedroom Townhouse 4 Bedroom Townhouse (pdf)
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