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Additional Priorities

As a tangible expression of our Vision Statement, we have agreed on a number of practical priorities. This list is by no means complete, but here are a few of them we have discussed so far.

Energy and resource efficiency
Our design incorporates solar panels for water heating, and outside walls constructed of super-insulating materials. Our heating methods will be energy efficient and forward-looking.

Alternative Modes of Transportation
Our central downtown location encourages independence from the automobile and fossil fuels. We will provide an abundance of secured bicycle storage locations, and are located 3 blocks from the Eugene downtown transit center. We encourage our households to own as few automobiles as possible.

Responsible Land Use
Our project promotes urban infill rather than contributing to sprawl. We wish to preserve the legacy of Oregon's Governor Tom McCall, who put Oregon on the cutting edge of land use planning in the 1960's. Our project contributes directly to the vitality of downtown Eugene.

We want our community to be affordable to as wide a range of households as possible. To that end, we are limiting customizations in the initial building phase. (Owners will be free to remodel as desired, once they have moved in). We also seek an optimal balance between affordability and green building.

A balanced age range is important to us. We would like to attract more families with children, young working people, graduate students, recent college graduates, etc.

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