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Commercial Space

Street level facing Lincoln Street and 11th Avenue will offer an assortment of commercial spaces, available for purchase or lease by the general public as well as by cohousing members.

The spaces along 11th Avenue are designed for commercial use, as retail or office space. The commercial unit at the corner of 11th and Lincoln will have a large covered entryway, lending itself to outdoor seating for a coffee shop or restaurant. The block is already home to a home-style cafe and a mom & pop store. Strategically planned new businesses will be a welcome addition to the mix.  We'd love a coffee shop and bakery downstairs!

Spaces along Lincoln Street are designed as rental studio apartments which may be converted into commercial space at the owner's discretion. There will also be one two-bedroom rental apartment, at the northeast corner of the building along Lincoln. Owners of two-bedroom cohousing flats immediately above the studio apartment units may choose to purchase a studio unit and build a staircase up to their own unit. These could be used for home business, in-law apartments, or general rentals.





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