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Our Statement of Community Values

<Draft Note: This statement was developed some time ago (??), and is being given to prospective new members. I imagine we would replace this with a fine-tuned set of 'Vision Documents' that we will develop in a special visioning process. Not to be confused with the one-sentence (or so) Vision Statement. (Which is one of our next priorities as a group, and which is stated in draft form on the Our Vision page) >

Co-housing Eugene Core Group has been formed to develop a co-housing community in accordance with certain community values. The community values are expressed in this statement. Co-housing Eugene may amend this statement from time to time as agreed to by the membership of Co-housing Eugene Core Group.

  • A democratic community
    Through the consensus decision making process, we seek to include and empower the entire community. We recognize that all have wisdom to offer. We value listening to and understanding each other.

  • A sharing community
    We value the process of mutual support. We value working together on community projects and sharing a variety of tasks and resources. We value privacy and community.

  • A community of friends
    We value the experience of knowing and trusting our neighbors. We value the sense of extended family. We value our social time together and recognize that interpersonal relationships are instrumental to our community.

  • A community of sharing food
    We value the sharing of occasional food purchases, meal preparation, meals, and cleanup. We recognize that nourishment of our bodies is nourishment for our community. We value the breaking of bread together and the communion of the hearth.

  • A community of transformation.
    We are lifelong learners. We value creativity and people’s need to grow. We recognize the need for home to be a place of nurturance and healing. We recognize that our community can be a catalyst for positive change in the world around us. We know our community will evolve over time and we value our flexibility through these changes.

  • A community of trust and open communication
    We value honest communication. We recognize that we will have disagreements and we seek to resolve them through open communication and understanding.

  • A community of diversity
    We value our differences; through our differences we learn and grow. We honor diversity of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, culture, sexual orientation, interest, skill and perspective.

  • A community that nurtures children and respects elders
    We value the ability of children to live and grow in a community that is safe and cares for their well-being. We recognize the wisdom and experience of elders as a vital part of our community. We value the child within each of us as a source of wonder and creativity.

  • A community of the earth
    We recognize our connection to nature and the Earth. We seek to bring our lives into greater harmony with the natural environment. We value the preservation of nature and greenspaces where possible.

  • An environmentally sustainable community
    We value renewable energy, recycling, reuse, and conservation. We encourage less reliance on automobiles.

  • A loving community
    We value the power of love in ourselves, our relationships, our community, and our world. We value the practice of empathy and compassion. We recognize our own limitations and value the practice of forgiveness.

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