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What's New?

Current Events

If you met us at the Eugene Celebration and would like to learn more, we'd love to see you at an introductory meeting.  We hold these meetings anytime we have a handful of people who are interested. Call Martin Henner at (541) 345-6466 to find out the next meeting date or to be notified of future meetings.

Meetings are hosted in a downtown condo similar to the units we will be living in, to give you some idea of how our project will look.

Old News

Design and Construction Status

On September 30, 2005, the City of Eugene approved an adjustment review allowing us to build our project according to the best possible cohousing design standards. This permitted us to fine-tune our design for usability. Among other things, we increased bicycle parking, added a sunroom, added passive solar lighting to first floor common areas, and did a lot of research on building materials and options.

We are now in the final throes of construction design.  The engineers and architect are still tweaking the design, and latest word is that final drawings will be ready 'any day now'.  As soon as the designs are done, we can apply for building permits and put the project out for bids.  Once we have the construction bids we'll be able to price the units - a milestone we are all eagerly awaiting!

After permits are in place and a construction company lined up, the next step will be to break ground.  Our goal for groundbreaking is early 2007. The construction phase should take about 6-9 months.

City includes our property in area eligible for 10-year property tax exemption!

The City of Eugene agreed in 2004 to expand the boundaries of the Multiple Unit Property Tax Exemption (MUPTE) district specifically to include our property. This means that we will be eligible to apply for a property tax exemption that remains in effect for the first ten years. The exemption, once granted, will apply to each individual unit.

The property tax exemption can reduce your monthly housing costs by several hundred dollars, depending on unit purchased.



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