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Our History

We are currently about fifteen households. With numbers growing at a steady pace, we expect to reach our capacity of twenty-four households well before the community is ready to move in. We expect a particular increase in interest and new members as soon as unit prices are known, which we now expect to be by October or November 2006.

The group was originally formed in May 2002. We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase one of the few remaining buildable plots of land in downtown Eugene. After purchasing the site and consulting with a range of architects and developers, it became clear that self-development would be the only economically feasible way to proceed with our project. We hired an architect - Jonathon Stafford of Eugene, Oregon - and went through a number of design iterations.

At this point, while we await construction bids, we are focusing on group process and values. We took a consensus training in July with nationally-acclaimed consensus trainer Tree Bressen. New members joining since then are getting consensus tutorials, and will also take the full day training the next time it is scheduled. We have also been doing a community visioning process, and just completed our Community Values Statement. We are very excited to have completed these; they will serve as our background for real-life planning as we prepare to move into the community.


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