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Community Design

Our cohousing project is designed for convenient and low maintenance downtown living. Physically, the units are no different than condo units. As in any condo, each household is totally self-sufficient. The difference is the emphasis on community. We share the facilities of a central Common House and other common areas, cooperating on maintainance and other community projects.

Another difference is that we are designing our units for affordability. In the booming downtown Eugene housing market, this is increasingly an issue. We would like to be an affordable option for as many people as possible.

The street level of the project will have commercial space fronting 11th Avenue and apartment rentals facing Lincoln Street. These apartments will not be a part of the cohousing project.

The other two sides of the building, facing two alleys, will have secured covered parking - for cars and bicycles - and storage space. Access to secured parking will be through the alley.

Residential units and the common house open onto the second and third levels, with the open-air courtyard at the second level.

Here are a few of our site plans and building drawings:
Level 1 - Ground Level Level 1 - Ground Level (pdf) Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader, required to view the floorplans in pdf format.
Level 2 - Courtyard Level 2 - Courtyard (pdf)
Level 3 - Upper Level 3 - Upper (pdf)
Building viewed from East Building viewed from East (pdf)
Building viewed from South Building viewed from South (pdf)

And here we are on map:

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